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What is Express Capital Services

Improving Your ROI

Express Capital Services (ECS) is a locating service, and our core service is skip tracing. Skip tracing by definition is the action or practice of locating people who are missing or have defaulted on a debt. With specialized research and tactful handling of cases, we have utilized the best and state-of-the-art technology for the services that we offer to our clients. Our clients include small to large banks in the US, credit unions, law offices, collection agencies, asset recovery companies, and multiple state agencies. ECS also has a debt purchasing branch which allows us to purchase and work our own accounts in-house.

By supervising the portfolios of our clients, the material and data received, people, collateral, and even the compliance aspect, we have conveyed the utmost success rates in the debt recovery industry. Our highly developed internal system, respected company representatives, and loyal clients are the core reasons as to why we stay in business.

Providing Client Solutions

Historically, creditors have had to hire multiple companies for specialty Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) services. 

However, since Express Capital Services provides a comprehensive solution, our clients benefit from a streamlined ARM approach.

Cohesive Recovery Strategy
Time, Resource, and Core Competency Management
Reduced Rates
Our Advantages
Verification of Employment

With our verified data, we also provide our clients with the place of employment to our clients if deemed necessary. Typically, we will speak directly to the customer to obtain the place of employment, but we have received the same information through the Human Resource department at the employer’s location as well. When this data is passed along to our client, our client receives:

  • Person Contacted

  • Company Name

  • Address

  • Contact Information

  • Method of Verification

  • Call Recording

Confirmed Addresses

We verify customers’ place of residence by speaking with customers and obtaining their updated demographics or by speaking directly with a relative, associate, or neighbor. When we validate a customer’s place of residence, the client will always receive:

  • Person Contacted

  • Address

  • Contact Information

  • Method of Verification

  • Call Recording

Skip to Repo

Information obtained about the subject, which is then analyzed and verified. With the repossession part of the process, the physical possession of the unit is secured and provided to the client. The following data is provided back -

  • Loan Number

  • Name(s) of current lien holder

  • Phone Numbers (possible contacts for customer and/or 3rd parties)

  • Details of contact made with customer and/or 3rd parties

  • Address of where vehicle can be found

  • Storage information

  • Repossession Agent information and Background

  • Condition Report

  • Six-Point Pictures (including mileage)

Learn All About The Advantages That Our Team Has To Offer

Skip Tracing

As stated above, Skip tracing by definition is the action or practice of locating people who are missing or have defaulted on a debt.

This is largely our principal service that goes hand in hand with the connect-to-collect service, Warm Transfers. With most of our services offered, skip tracing is absolutely necessary – especially within our verification processes. We provide our representatives with the tools, preparation, and knowledge needed to complete all services with the highest accuracy.

Warm Transfers

As a new and innovative way to speed up the collection process, we have introduced the Warm Transfer service. The connect-to-collect service. While most companies have substantial issues getting in touch with their delinquent customers, we bridge the gap of communication between the consumer and collection agencies with Warm Transfers.

This service is undoubtedly streamlined with our seamless customer service-oriented product. A positive resolution is the least we strive for with every case we come across. We have seen success rates exceed 80% with Warm Transfers alone. With the remaining 20%, we opt to our other services including Confirmed Address and Field Visits (Door Knocks).

Verified Data

Express Capital Services is completely data driven. Anytime we receive accounts, we are sending out the accounts for data – unless specified by our client. Our clients are provided with the data obtained throughout our research once the services rendered are completed. Below are examples of data fields we provide our clients:

  • Direct Contact Information
    (phone numbers coded as landline or cell)

  • Updated Address

  • Relatives

  • Neighbors

  • Place of Employment

  • Military Date of Death

  • Bankruptcy Information

  • Any Additional Verified Information Requested

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We've Come a Long Way

Our Story

Express Capital Services, LLC (ECS) is leveraging the teams combined fifty plus (100+) years of experience in Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) to build a multifaceted ARM servicing company.

We leverage today’s technology to help us effectively complete the job while making sure we observe our industry’s compliance regulations. ECS’s operation is scalable, dependable, and secure.

Our in-house proprietary system was pioneered with experience and the understanding of the Auto Finance industry’s needs while providing absolute protection for our clients and their portfolios. 


Our services can be offered to the creditor using ECS as a service provider or used by our internal operation to service portfolios purchased by ECS and our capital partner from the creditor.


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