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Express Capital Services, LLC  (ECS) is a specialized servicing company that provides skip tracing, phone verification, and recovery management for the nation's leading credit originators. Our staff of industry experts, who possess over 100+ years of skip tracing experience, understand that loss mitigation is a crucial part of the auto finance industry. With an exceptional understanding of collection strategy management, we offer solutions that are custom tailored to meet our client’s needs and achieve key performance objectives.

Skip to Repo

Our proprietary system leverages today's technology, enhancing the repo process to streamline each step. This allows us to successfully find customers/collateral much faster than our competitors, giving you peace of mind.

Warm Transfers

Our highly trained professionals manually locate, contact, and transfer the Right Party Contact (RPC) into our client’s collections resolutions center. Our firm focuses on delivering live, over-the-phone contact between servicers and hard-to-reach RPCs.

Repo & Remarketing

Express Capital Services LLC (ECS) has a program allowing lenders to reap the financial benefits of a debt sale without the risk. The lender continues to own the loan/assets and enables ECS to skip & repo the units splitting half of the auction proceeds. this program brings the lender more revenue than a conventional debt sale and ECS takes care of all expenses along the way. ECS has a historical success rate of recovering 60% of all debt sales thru our proprietary software. This type of success rate without financial risk is a win-win for both sides.

Address Confirmation

ECS provides an efficient and accurate proven process to help lenders validate if the borrower is still at the property address. ECS can also let the servicer know who is currently residing or renting the property address

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