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Express Capital Services is leveraging the partners combined fifty plus (50+) years of experience in Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) to build a multifaceted  ARM service  company. Ultimately, providing our clients with a comprehensive solution to their recovery needs along the lifeline of their A/R - Allowing them to focus on their core competency.

We leverage today’s technology to help us effectively complete the job while making sure we observe our industry’s compliance regulations. Express Capital’s operation is scalable, dependable, and secure.

Our in-house proprietary system was pioneered with experience and the understanding of industry needs while providing absolute protection for our clients and their portfolios.  

Our service can be offered to the creditor using Express Capital as a service provider or used by our internal operation to service portfolios purchased by Express Capital and our capital partner from the creditor.

Skip Tracing

  • Locate to Repo

  • Repo Only

  • Locate Customer

Debt Buying | Collections

Highest recovery rates, as well as compliance. We specialize in providing you quality data and accurate results, while and creating opportunities for a higher return on investment.

Right Party Contact | Warm Transfer

These solutions can dramatically impact your business, financially, through mitigating your risk or efficiency.

Additional Services

Learn more about our other leading industry services and product for:

Skip Tracing Services

Express Capital Services provides an uniquely successful skip tracing service, which not only  exceeds all other results but also responsibly reducing risk for our clients.

We excel in all secured and unsecured consumer finance asset classes. Helping our customers to re-connect with their customers when all previous efforts by the internal A/R department cease all recovery efforts due to no point of contacts. Our service results in an extraordinarily high conversion rate and allows our clients to come to a positive resolution.

Our in-house proprietary system was pioneered with experience and the understanding of industry needs. We leverage unique aspects of today’s technology to help us effectively complete the job while making sure we observe our industry’s compliance regulations. Express Capital’s model is scalable, dependable, and secure. while providing absolute protection for our clients and our portfolios.

Call Center

Our representatives are trained in compliance and exude excellent customer service on every call. We can reach thousands of customers a day by both outbound and inbound calls. All performance is recorded, reported, and graded at the agent level to ensure that the utmost care is taken at all times with our expanded Quality Assurance department. Our fused process has been tested in various markets and has proven to outperform our competitors. Our innovative system has built-in compliance regulations which keeps both parties away from potential risk.

Specialized Skip Tracing Services

Our comprehensive Skip Service includes:

  • Skip to Repo

  • Re-marketing Services

  • Field Visits

  • Warm Transfers

  • Verification of Employment

  • Verified Data

Express Capital’s core service offering is skip tracing for the auto finance industry. We have achieved results that are at least 20% higher than any internal or external skip service that exists for the repossession of skip delinquent auto finance account holders.  Our high level representatives are fed unique data points on a proprietary automated skip tracing platform to insure productivity, and perform additional searches which allow us to achieve superior results. The information is then analyzed, reduced, and verified. We use extensive management oversight coupled with continuing education training for all staff members, assuring they are well versed on frequent changes to laws and regulations.



Express Capital Services (ECS) provides a unique value added assistance in professional skip tracing called Warm Transfers. Our firm focuses on delivering live, over the phone contact between Lenders/Servicers and their hard-to-reach Right Party Contacts. Our highly trained professionals manually locate, contact, & transfer the Right Party Contact into our client’s collections/resolutions contact center. We have found from clients that the resolution rate is higher when accepted from Warm Transfer compared to standard collection outbound calls. 



Express Capital Services (ECS) provides an efficient and accurate proven process to help auto lenders recover their collateral in a compliant manner. Our proprietary system leverages todays technology enhancing the repossession process to streamline everything. We have a nationwide repossession network that we monitor daily to make sure they are also in compliance.  Our in house system allows us to successfully find customers/collateral much faster than our competitors.



Express Capital Services’
Re-marketing Department specializes in maximizing your return on repossessed collateral. Our team will intelligently market the collateral based on regional as well as national values and arrange for the collateral to be sold where it will bring the most revenue at the least cost.
We take care of all transportation requirements, documentation, title work, processing, tracking and all other obstacles that arise through the re-marketing process.



Express Capital Services (ECS) provides data verification as a process in which different types of data are checked for accuracy and inconsistencies after data migration is done. It helps to determine whether data was accurately translated when data is transferred from one source to another, is complete, and supports processes in the new system.



With special instructions set by client. Express Capital Services can provide Field Visit services for situations where US mail services are ineffective yet repo services are premature. 
This can include door knock (contingent/non-contingent on customer contact), document delivery and/or execution, property inspection, and appraisals. Agent documentation, field analysis, and results are all forwarded with all data to our client.



With our verified data, we also provide our clients with the place employment to our clients if deemed necessary. Typically, we will speak directly to the customer to obtain the place of employment, but we have received the same information through the Human Resource department at the employer’s location as well. When this data is passed along to our client, our client receives:

Client Provided Support

As a client, you will receive the following:

  • Custom Reporting

    • Can manage through SFTP or system integration

    • Daily, weekly, monthly, and annually

    • Reporting regarding performance and forecasts

  • Weekly Calls with servicing members and operations

    • Calls can take place as needed for client

  • Increased Monthly gains

  • All calls are recorded and available to verify performance

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