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Our Mission

Experience, Success, and Giving Back

It is the mission of Express Capital Services, LLC (ECS) to leverage its experience in Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) to build a multifaceted ARM servicing company.  Ultimately providing our clients with a comprehensive solution to their recovery needs along the lifeline of their A/R - allowing them to focus on their core competency. 


We built today’s technology to help us effectively complete the job while making sure we observe our industry’s compliance regulations. ECS’s operation is scalable, dependable, and secure. Our in-house proprietary system was pioneered with experience and the understanding of the Finance industry’s needs while providing absolute protection for our clients and their portfolios.


Our services can be offered to the creditor using ECS as a service provider or used by our internal operation to service portfolios purchased by ECS and our capital partner from the creditor.


Express Capital Services is leveraging the partners combined fifty plus (50+) years of experience in Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) to build a multifaceted  ARM service  company.

Ultimately, providing our clients with a comprehensive solution to their recovery needs along the lifeline of their A/R - Allowing them to focus on their core competency.

Alex Gonzalez
President and Founder

Mr. Gonzalez has over nineteen years of experience in the finance industry, holding various management positions in both large financial institutions and start-up organizations.  He first entered the auto industry working in the credit, collections, and skip tracing departments.  He quickly worked his way up towards general manager reporting directly to the CEO, and the company grew from a fifteen employee company to several hundred in less than two years. He later joined Santander Consumer USA as an Assistant Vice President managing a multi-billion portfolio and several hundred associates reporting directly to him.

After Santander, Mr. Gonzalez joined a start-up organization as a key founding member and grew the organization to a multi-million dollar company in the skip tracing industry in less than one year. He has extensive experience and knowledge of operational management. He brings a unique skill set of systemic development and high-level operational reporting from his previous work experience, his operational insight, and people skills. His background in building relationships and engaging in sales has allowed him to bring on many different clients and build valuable relationships in the industry.

Martha Yanez
VP Human Resource Business Partner and Accounting

Martha Yanez moved to the DFW area from Sunland Park, a small border town in New Mexico near El Paso, TX to begin her career in Human Resources. She obtained a degree in Applied Science from El Paso Community College, graduated from a Paralegal Certification Program in Dallas, as well as completed a Human Resources Course study at the University of Texas in Dallas. She brings with her over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, over 10 years in Accounting and Legal Services, and experience in a vast number of industries including hospitality, manufacturing, mortgage, auto and finance. She has participated in successful re-branding of hotels, establishing of new departments and employee engagement programs. She currently resides in the Denton area with her husband Jesus, two sons Jose and Sebastian and their dog Cooper, and has a daughter Alyzza who lives in the Metroplex. She is an avid crafter, everything from sewing, jewelry making to baking and everything in between. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family. She owes her success to always being in a positive mood, never stop learning new things and having the ability to listen and share her knowledge with others whether job related or personal. Her motto is “Sharing your knowledge only makes your team more successful”.

Julie McGlothlin
VP of Human Resources and Compliance

Julie McGlothlin draws from her passion in helping others and her knowledge in Business Administration when developing the corporate policies, procedures, and training that help Express Capital Services, LLC maintain compliance. After being awarded a scholarship for volunteer work, Julia joined the Finance Industry in 2013 while earning her Bachelors in Business Administration and Human Resource Management from Texas Woman’s University. She began her journey by working as a Customer Service Representative dedicated to understanding the Client’s needs and the capabilities of the staff. Using that understanding, Julia assisted in the development of the Quality Assurance Department, the Human Resource Department, and the Regulatory Compliance Department. She also helps maintain the IT Department and leads the company’s Management Team. When she isn’t pouring over policy, Julia can be found caring for her 4 longhair cats, 3 leopard geckos, 2 ponytail palm trees, and 1 gaming PC- stocked with survival and management games.

Stacie Thomas Rankey
Chief Strategy Officer

She is responsible for identifying industry business' and strategic relationships with companies in the auto & mortgage industry.  Stacie brings 20+ years of industry experience. She has worked with industry experts  over the course of her career including: REO Magazine, now DS News; American & Financial Network (ALFN); LOGS; and Altisource. She successfully helped launch the REO Magazine publication as well as its associated Five Star Conference.


She participated as an 2018 Inaugural Master Student at 20/20 Vision for Success and continues to seek learning and education opportunities to stay at the top of her game in the industry. She has been recognized in the industry through numerous awards including Women with Vision, NAWRB, & NEXT Powerhouse.


She is a Breast Cancer Fighter, Survivor, and Thriver. She launched Survivor’s Voice YouTube Channel to share her journey, resources, education and advocation for the patient.  She believing that others can benefit from sharing their story and seeks to make  the path easier for the women that come after her.